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Principal Protection | No Downside Risk




Market Shield Savings Plan

Manhattan Trust's Market Shield gives plan participants the ability to regularly contribute and receive the opportunity for unlimited upside potential.



What features are included in the Market Shield Savings Plan?


No Limit

When the market goes up, so does your account value. We will invest your regular contributions in the S&P without any cap or ceiling. As a result, your investment has unlimited upside potential.

No Downside

As long as your contributions are paid timely and no withdrawals are made, you are guaranteed to receive back 140% of your regular contributions at the end of your 15-year contribution term.

Loyalty Bonus

If all contributions are paid timely and no withdrawals are made, you will earn a 7.5% loyalty bonus at the end of years 10 and 15.



How does Dollar Cost Averaging work?

Not only are your payments more affordable if you contribute payments to your savings over time, but you also enjoy the benefits of dollar-cost averaging. This strategy allows you to buy more shares when the price is lower and fewer shares when the price is high, potentially lowering your average price over time and decreasing your sensitivity to market declines.



Contribution Term 15 Years
Minimum Contribution $2,400 / year
Issue Ages 0 - 70
Currency US Dollars
Guaranteed Death Benefit 101% of Account Value